A weekend in Paris

I'm not really sure where to start with this one. Admittedly I've not really properly picked up my camera since I shot my last wedding. I decided to take my little Nikon D3200 with me (and one 35mm lens) on my birthday weekend to Paris after being wisely advised I probably shouldn't take my much more expensive full frame camera for fear of losing it. I've missed it, taking photos that is, and remembered what a great little camera it is, despite its limitations.

Our trip to Paris had been booked way back in May (I think) - a surprise birthday weekend from my husband, which he ended up telling me about (he really can't keep secrets!) In the wake of the recent horrific attacks on Paris I'd be lying if I say I hadn't been a little bit nervous about going after what had happened, but so glad we didn't let that fear ruin it for us. 

Paris is such a beautiful city which just keeps on giving. We spent less than 3 full days there in total so we barely scratched the surface on things to see and do, but we jam packed in as much as physically possible and did a LOT of walking. I'd like to go back one day and visit other places that we did not get chance to on this trip.

We stayed at the beautiful St James Paris hotel. On arrival we were upgraded to a very luxurious and quintessentially Parisian suite, adorned with chandeliers, rich jacquard drapes and red satin walls - When in Rome and all. The staff were absolutely lovely and attentive, where nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend it.

I'd have to say that one of my highlights was the Notre Dame Cathedral. Although we did not go inside I could have spend hours looking at the stunning gothic architecture, there was just something about it. I'd seen it many times on photos before, but there was something overwhelming about seeing it with my own eyes. 

One thing that stood of to me the most whilst walking round the streets of the city was how at ease the locals seemed (and the tourists). There was no sense of trepidation at all, just every day people getting on with their every day lives and doing every day things. The city was thriving and it was comforting to see, and to soak up the culture. Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip- excluding the many many photos I took on my phone which were predominantly of food!