Kate & John's quirky and colourful Summer wedding.

Happy 2019 to anyone reading this…

As January is often considered a bleak, cold and depressing month, I thought I would share one of my favourite summer weddings from 2018.

Kate and John got married at the Awesome Elephant at Pangbourne hotel in Berkshire, smack bang in the middle of July. I remember it well, as the UK had not experienced rainfall for what seemed like an eternity, and there wasn’t a green patch of grass in sight.

The couple did an amazing job at creating the perfect, colourful and quirky wedding with unique touches, handmade decorations and favours. Kate is a very talented Jewellery designer, so naturally, made the wedding bands and her own accessories to wear on the day.

I instantly hit it off with the couple as they were so warm and friendly, as were their family and guests. This wedding ticked all the boxes for me and I will always remember it.

Yes - we had incredibly harsh sunlight - ALL day along with brown, burnt grass and almost no shade whatsoever (in many ways a wedding photographers worst nightmare) but Kate and John’s day truly reminded me what weddings are about - Love, family, friends, laughs, those little special moments between people, and of course - The beautiful ordinary! (the stuff that tells a story, the stuff that pieces together the narrative.)

Thank you Kate & John - Here are some highlights from the day…

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